Children with Special Needs

Many children with special needs attend music therapy sessions and experts agree that music has positive impact on their language, physical, cognitive and emotional development.

"Whenever I get a book on neurology or psychology, the first thing I look up in the index is music, and if it's not there, I close the book." 

Dr. Oliver Sacks, neurologist

It's your presence as a parent, grand parent or care giver, the emotional bond between you and your child and your active participation in the music making process, what makes Music Together® a truly unique experience for the child. By coming to the same class each week for 8-10 weeks you may discover that not only the child has made considerable progress in various areas of development, but the community that has formed during a session or over multiple sessions, has become a great resource to draw on for support and friendships for you AND your child. If your child has special needs and you are looking to add more music into their life and yours, please call us to schedule a free demo. Together we will work out how we can accommodate your child best, so that everyone involved can have the most positive and enriching experience possible. Our teachers have been specially trained to work with young children and they have resources available to draw on when working with children with special needs. Feel free to email or call if you have any questions.  

 "If your heart is beating, you can feel the rhythm of the dance. If your heart is open, the song will fill you up."  

Jim True-Frost, father of a Music Together child with disabilities