4 and 5 year olds class

The 4 and 5 year old class is not running during the Fall 2016 session. Feel free to schedule a demo in the mixed age class or call us at 781-859-8327 to discuss how a mixed age class is beneficial for children on the older side! We'd love to have you with us.  

This class is designed for children who have some Music Together experience.  A minimum of three collections (e.g. Bongos, Fiddle, Maracas) is recommended.  If your child has already experienced the current collection, great! This class will take songs to the next level and build on your child’s early musical learning to strengthen and expand music competence.

Even if it has been a long time since your child has done Music Together, he or she still has the strong foundation of music competence that we will build on in this class. 

This is not a drop-off class.  The participation of a cherished adult is still important to your child’s musical development. Every activity will be planned with the experienced four and five-year-old in mind.

New to Music Together? Challenges with childcare for a younger sibling? Talk to us about your options.